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h2 align=center>Our list shows 198 Indiana built automobiles produced in 42 cities and towns.

This list is from the book Cruise IN: A guide to Indiana's automotive past and present. A list of Indiana-built automobiles sorted by city is also included in the book. For more information on the book be sure to visit the Web Site.

AlbanyAlbany Automobile Co.Albany1907-08
AlliedAllied Cab Mfg. Co.Elkhart1932-34
AmericanAmerican Motors Co.Indianapolis1906-14
AmericanAmerican Automobile Mfg. Co.New Albany1911-12
American JuniorAmerican Motor Vehicle Co.Lafayette1916-20
American SimplexSimplex Motor Car Co.Mishawaka1906-10
American UnderslungAmerican Motors Co.Indianapolis1906-14
AmplexSimplex Motor Car Co.Mishawaka1910-13
AndersonAnderson Carriage Mfg. Co.Anderson1907-10
Anderson SteamAnderson Steam Carriage Co.Anderson1901-02
AnstedLexington Motor Car Co.Connersville1921,1926
AppersonApperson Bros. Automobile Co.Kokomo1902-26
AuburnAuburn Automobile Co.Auburn1900-36
AuburnAuburn Automobile Co.Connersville1929-36
Auburn Motor ChassisAuburn Motor Chassis Co.Auburn1912-15
Auto Red BugAmerican Motor Vehicle Co.Lafayette1916-20
AvantiStudebaker Corp.South Bend1962-63
Avanti IIAvanti Motor Corp.South Bend1965-85
BendixBendix Co.Logansport1908-09
BlackC.H. Black Mfg. Co.Indianapolis1896-1900
Black CrowCrow Motor Car Co.Elkhart1909-11
BlackhawkStutz Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1929-30
Bour-DavisShadburne Bros. Co.Frankfort1918
Brook SpackeMachine & Tool Co.Indianapolis1920-21
Bryan SteamerBryan Boiler Co.Peru1918-23
Butler High WheelButler Co.Butler1908
CasadyW.S. Casady Mfg. Co.South Bend1905
Champion Champion Auto Equipment Co.Wabash1916
Chevrolet TruckGeneral Motors Truck & Bus Grp.Fort Wayne1986-present
ClarkClark Motor Car Co.Shelbyville1910-12
ColeCole Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1909-25
Cole Solid TireCole Carriage Co.Indianapolis1908-09
CometComet Cyclecar Co.Indianapolis1914
Comet RacerMarion Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1904
ContinentalIndian Motor & Mfg. Co.Franklin1910-13
CordCord Corp.Auburn1929-32
CordCord Corp.Connersville1936-37
CrosleyCrosley Motors Inc.Marion1946-52
CrosleyCrosley Motors Inc.Richmond1939-42
CrowCrow Motor Car Co.Elkhart1911
Crow-ElkhartCrow Motor Car Co.Elkhart1911-23
CyclopL. Porter Smith & Bros.Indianapolis1910
DavisGeorge W. Davis Motor Car Co.Richmond1908-29
De SotoZimmerman Mfg. Co.Auburn1913-14
De TambleDe Tamble Motor Co.Anderson1908-13
DearbornJ & M Motor Car Co.Lawrenceburg1911
DecaturDecatur Motor Car Co.Decatur1908-11
DeWittDeWitt Motor Vehicle Co.North Manchester1909-10
DixieDixie Mfg. Co.Vincennes1916
DuesenbergDuesenberg Motors Corp.Indianapolis1920-37
DuplexBendix Co.Logansport1908-09
DurantDurant Motors, Inc.Muncie1922-28
El-FayElkhart Motor Co.Elkhart1931-35
ElcarElkhart Motor Co.Elkhart1916-31
ElectrobileNational Vehicle Co.Indianapolis1901-06
ElginElgin Motors Inc.Indianapolis1923-24
EmpireEmpire Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1909-19
EmpireEmpire Motor Car Co.Connersville1912-15
ErieErie Cycle & Motor Carriage Co.Anderson1899-1902
ErskineStudebaker Corp.South Bend1927-30
EvansvilleEvansville Automobile Co.Evansville1907-09
Excellent SixRider-Lewis Motor Car Co.Anderson1908-11
FordFord Motor Co.Indianapolis1914-32
Gary SixGary Automobile Mfg. Co.Gary1914
Great WesternGreat Western Automobile Co.Peru1909-14
H.C.S.H.C.S. Motor Co.Indianapolis1920-25
H.C.S. CabH.C.S. Cab Mfg. Co.Indianapolis1924-27
Handy WagonAuburn Motor Chassis Co.Auburn1912-15
HarperHarper Buggy Co.Columbia City1907-08
HaynesHaynes Automobile Co.Kokomo1904-25
Haynes-AppersonHaynes-Apperson Automobile Co.Kokomo1898-1904
HendersonHenderson Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1912-14
HerculesHercules Motor Car Co.New Albany1914-15
Herff-BrooksHerff-Brooks Corp.Indianapolis1915-16
Honda PassportSubaru Isuzu Automotive, Inc.Lafayette1994-present
Hoosier ScoutWarren Electric & Machine Co.Indianapolis1914
HowardLexington-Howard Co.Connersville1913-14
HuffmanHuffman Bros. Motor Co.Elkhart1920-25
HummerAM General Mishawaka1984-present
HuntingburgHuntingburg Wagon WorksHuntingburg1902-03
IdealIdeal Motor Co.Indianapolis1911-12
Ideal-CommercialIdeal Auto Co.Fort Wayne1910-14
ImpW. H. McIntyre Co.Auburn1913-14
IndianaIndiana Motor & Vehicle Co.Indianapolis1901
InterstateInterstate Motor Co.Muncie1908-19
Isuzu TrooperSubaru Isuzu Automotive, Inc.Lafayette1989-present
Jack RabbitApperson Bros. Automobile Co.Kokomo1911-13
JamesJ & M Motor Car Co.Lawrenceburg1909-11
JonzAmerican Automobile Mfg. Co.New Albany1910-12
KenworthyKenworthy Motors Corp.Mishawaka1920-21
KiblingerW. H. Kiblinger Co.Auburn1907-08
KometElkhart Motor Car Co.Elkhart1911
LafayetteLafayette Motors Co.Indianapolis1921-22
LambertBuckeye Mfg. Co.Anderson1906-17
LaurelLaurel Motors Corp.Anderson1917-20
LaurelLaurel Motor Car Co.Richmond1916-17
LawterSafety Shredder Co.New Castle1909
LeaderLeader Mfg. Co.Knightstown1907-12
LeaderLeader Mfg. Co.McCordsville1905-07
Lexington Lexington Motor Co.Connersville1910-27
LindsayT.J. Lindsay Automobile Parts Co.Indianapolis1902-03
LorraineLorraine Car Co.Richmond1920-21
Lyons-KnightLyons-Atlas Co.Indianapolis1913-15
MadisonMadison Motors Corp.Anderson 1915-19
MaisMais Motor Truck Co.Indianapolis1911-14
MarathonHerff-Brooks Corp.Indianapolis1915-16
MarionMarion Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1904-14
MarmonNordyke & Marmon Co.Indianapolis1902-33
MartelElkhart Motor Co.Elkhart1925-27
Martindale & MillikanIndian Motor & Mfg. Co.Franklin1914
MaxwellMaxwell-Briscoe Motor Co.New Castle1906-16
McFarlanMcFarlan Motor Car Co.Connersville1910-28
McGillMcGee Mfg. Co.Indianapolis1917-28
McIntyreW. H. McIntyre Co.Auburn1909-15
McIntyre SpecialW. H. McIntyre Co.Auburn1911-15
MetzMetz Cyclecar Co.Indianapolis1914
MierMier Carriage & Buggy Co.Ligonier1908-09
Mills ElectricMills Electric Co.Lafayette1917
ModelModel Gas Engine WorksAuburn1903-06
ModelModel Automobile Co.Peru1906-09
MohawkMohawk Cycle & Automobile Co.Indianapolis1903-05
MonroeWilliam Small Co.Indianapolis1918-23
Morriss-LondonCentury Motors Co.Elkhart1919-25
Muntz Jet Muntz Car Co.Evansville1950-51
NationalNational Motor Vehicle Co.Indianapolis1904-24
National Electric National Automobile & Electric Co.Indianapolis1900-04
New ParryParry Auto Co.Indianapolis1911-12
New York SixAutomotive Corp. of AmericaRichmond1927-28
Niagara FourCrow Motor Car Co.Elkhart 1915-16
NybergNyberg Automobile WorksAnderson1911-13
Ohio FallsOhio Falls Motor Car Co.New Albany1913-14
OverlandStandard Wheel WorksIndianapolis1905-06
OverlandOverland Auto Co.Indianapolis 1906-09
OverlandStandard Wheel WorksTerre Haute1903-05
PackardStudebaker-Packard Corp.South Bend1954-58
Packard DarrinPackard Motor Car Co.Connersville1940-41
Pak-Age-CarAuburn Automobile Co.Connersville1938-41
Pak-Age-CarStutz Motor Co.Indianapolis1930-38
ParryParry Auto Co.Indianapolis1910
PathfinderMotor Car Mfg. Co.Indianapolis1912-17
PilgrimOhio Falls Motor Car Co.New Albany1913-14
PilotPilot Motor Car Co.Richmond1909-24
PlymouthChrysler Corp.Evansville1935-56
Pope-WaverleyPope Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1904-08
PostalPostal Auto. & Engineering Co.Bedford1906-08
PrattPratt Motor Car Co.Elkhart1911-15
Pratt-ElkhartElkhart Carriage/Harness Mfg. Co.Elkhart1909-11
PremierPremier Motor Mfg. Co.Indianapolis1903-26
Premier TaxicabPremier Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1923-26
ProsperityAllied Cab Mfg. Co.Elkhart1933
R.A.C.Ricketts Automobile Co.South Bend1910-11
Red Ball-TaxiRed Ball Transit Co.Frankfort1924
ReevesReeves Pulley Co.Columbus1896-98, 1905
ReVereReVere Motor Car Corp.Logansport1918-26
RichmondWayne WorksRichmond1904-17
RickettsRicketts Automobile Co.South Bend1909-11
Rider-LewisRider-Lewis Motor Car Co.Anderson1908-11
Rider-LewisRider-Lewis Motor Car Co.Muncie1908
RockneStudebaker Corp.South Bend1932-33
RodefeldRodefeld Co.Richmond1909-17
RooseveltMarmon Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1929-30
RoyalRoyal Motor Co.Elkhart1913
Royal MartelElkhart Motor Co.Elkhart1925-27
ScoutInternational Harvester Co.Fort Wayne1961-80
SeidelSeidel Buggy Co.Richmond1908-09
SenatorVictor Automobile Co.Ridgeville 1907-10
SheridanSheridan Motor Car Co.Muncie 1920-21
ShoemakerShoemaker Automobile Co.Elkhart1907-08
SimplicityEvansville Automobile Co.Evansville1907-11
Single-CenterSingle-Center Buggy Co.Evansville1906-08
South BendSouth Bend Motor Car WorksSouth Bend1913-16
SpackeSpacke Machine & Tool Co.Indianapolis1919
Standard SixStandard Auto. Co. of AmericaWabash1910-11
StarDurant Motors, Inc.Muncie1923
StarModel Automobile Co.Peru1908
SterlingElkhart Motor Car Co.Elkhart1909-11
StudebakerStudebaker Corp.South Bend1904-63
Studebaker ElectricStudebaker Bros. Mfg. Co.South Bend1902-12
StutzStutz Motor Car Co.Indianapolis1912-35
Subaru LegacySubaru Isuzu Automotive, Inc.Lafayette1989-present
SunSun Motor Car Co.Elkhart1916-17
Super AlliedAllied Cab Mfg. Co.Elkhart1935
TincherTincher Motor Car Co.South Bend1907-09
TravelerTraveler Automobile Co.Evansville1910-11
TricoletPokorney/Richards Auto. & Gas.Indianapolis1904-06
UnionUnion Automobile Co.Auburn1916
UnionBuckeye Mfg. Co.Anderson1905
UnionUnion Automobile Co.Union City1902-04
Union City SixUnion City Carriage Mfg. Co.Union City1916
UnitedUnited Engineering Co.Greensburg1919-20
Van Auken ElectricConnersville Buggy Co.Connersville1913
W.A.C.Woodburn Auto Co.Woodburn1905-12
WaverleyWaverley Co.Indianapolis1909-16
Waverley ElectricIndiana Bicycle Co.Indianapolis1898-1903
WestcottWestcott Motor Car Co.Richmond1909-16
WoodburnWoodburn Auto Co.Woodburn1905-12

A word about lists

Compiling lists about the automotive genesis is an imprecise art. There is no single source of information for the American automobiles progression. Some reference works are fairly complete regarding makes, manufacturers, cities and dates. These same works may miss some instances for which a manufacturer's model is built in a plant other than that company's main places of business. The work is further compounded by list compilers who chose to include instances where only one car was made by an individual whether or not they planned to proceed to manufacture it in quantity. In Indiana's case, for every one vehicle achieving production about two announcements of intent to manufacture or build a prototype were proclaimed.

Early lists about the actual number of automobiles made in the United States started at 1,500 and then progressed to about 2,500. Recent lists approach around 3,000. Early Indiana lists started at 160 makes made in more than 30 cities and have progressed to over 520 vehicles manufactured or assembled in more than 80 cities.

Only those vehicles which proceeded to production are included in the book's lists. Production, as many have chosen to define it, is the manufacture of 12 or more vehicles of the same design. This is the accepted definition for recognizing the start of commercial automobile production by a number of manufacturers in the United States in 1896. In some instances it is still hard to determine the twelve or greater number. On borderline cases where no actual numbers are given we erred on the high side. Based on the above explanation, this list shows 198 autos produced in 42 cities.


Huffman, Wallace Spencer, Indiana Built Motor Vehicles Centennial Edition, Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, C 1994.

Kimes, Beverly Rae, Standard Catalog of American Cars: 1805 - 1942, Iola, WI, Krause Publications, C 1996